Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Many people don’t think about the dryer duct that leads from the wall behind your dryer to the outside venting all that hot moist air from the clothes tumbling around in the dryer.  If that hot moist air can’t escape due to a clogged vent tube not only can it be a fire hazard but it will take your clothes twice as long to dry if they dry at all!

Here are a few tips for keeping your dryer operating safely and efficiently:

Clean the lint filter before each load of laundry.

Clean the lint out of the duct that attaches to the back of your dryer and leads to the wall every three months.

Have a professional company clean your dryer duct on regular basis.

Attached is an example of what we recently got out of a dryer duct cleaning.  The customer reports they used to have to run the dryer through three cycles to dry clothes and now they are completely dry in one short cycle saving time and energy!


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