Are Your Floors Truly Getting Cleaned?

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When you are trying to decide what to do regarding your carpets and getting them cleaned it is important to understand how your carpets are being cleaned. We here at Raysco Inc. use and recommend using hot water extraction. This means that there is hot water sprayed on your carpet with cleaning solutions necessary for your carpets.

This varies depending on type of carpet and what type of soil is on your carpet. The hot water activates the cleaning solution and allows for the cleaning process to begin. A wet dry vac is then used to remove most of the remaining water on the floor. We at Raysco Inc. highly recommend using cleaning solutions when cleaning your carpets. We feel this is the best way to fully clean your existing carpets and help manage stains and odors as well. Ground-in stains typically reappear in the first few days after steam cleaning carpets yourself.

Commercial solutions can eliminate some of these problems, but there are certain stains — pet stains or chemical stains, for example — that require multiple treatments or cannot be removed. We like to use the analogy of “You can wash your dishes using just water, however how clean do you really get them?” We at Raysco Inc. are here to offer you REAL CLEAN and REAL VALUE for every experience. Give us a call today to let us schedule your floor care needs!

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