Grout Sealing

We at Raysco Inc. recommend thoroughly sealing your grout after any new tile work is done, but even those who have sealed it (or have had it done professionally) back when their floor, shower surround, or backsplash is newly completed should break out the sealer regularly (anywhere from every six months to a year) to keep that nice protective coating on your grout.


Grout sealing is an important part of home maintenance. Grout is a construction material used to fill voids and seal joints, exactly like the spaces between floor tiles. Grout is generally composed of a mixture of water, cement, and sand, which makes it a relatively porous substance, which means it can absorb fluids and stain easily. One way to ensure that your grout stays clean is by hiring Raysco, Inc. To seal your grout. Grout sealing will make cleaning your tile floors and bathrooms easier and you will not have to clean and seal your grout as often. Sealing your grout is a very important step to help protected your floors and walls, and to make your cleaning efforts much easier.

Dirt, mildew and other cleaning products can cause grout stains and discoloration which is quite noticeable and dreadful to look at. At Raysco, Inc., we believe that having your grout properly cleaned and sealed every year will keep you from having to replace your tile and grout. Grout that is not properly cared for can lead to mold, mildew, and can even be the cause of chipped or cracked tiles.


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