Natural Stone

Raysco Inc. is your best bet for cleaning, polishing, sealing and/or restoration of all natural stones including marble, travertine, and slate.


We have over 20 years experience and are dedicated to protecting the beautiful surfaces that you have integrated into your home, office or where ever you have chosen to make spectacular with Natural Stone. Stone flooring is an investment and one with a good return. It’s almost guaranteed to add value, and taking care of it isn’t hard, but knowledge is power. The inherent beauty of natural stone is what draws us to it.  Every piece of travertine is a unique work of art.  The unpredictable range of colors in slate makes every installation a masterpiece.  Marble transforms surfaces into statements of timeless beauty.  I’d say Mother Earth wears a mantle of treasures, and it’s always a privilege for us to have a small piece of that treasure grace our home or office. Once you have made the choice to include nature’s majesty into your spaces- let our professionals keep it spectacular.


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