Pet Damage

Our Beloved Pets: Worn and stained carpeting; as well as carpeting suffering from pet damage and staining could be a huge issue!


Those of us who have pets know that even in the best of circumstances, they aren’t perfect. Pet Odor Remediation is the science of removing the urine salts and organic matter that are left after surface cleaning to remove the cause of odor in your furniture, rugs, drapery and carpets. This requires special solvents and formulas designed to break down and remove this matter and leave your home as fresh and clean to the nose, as it appears to the eyes. We also recommend having carpets treated with protectant, so when there is an accident- the damage to your carpet is minimized.

Whats Happening: The accumulation of microscopic salts and organic matter on the fibers combined with foot traffic work together to cause damage to the material of your carpets as well as the padding below; and will even work its way down to cause damage to the seal on your concrete floor. Proper handling of pet soilage is paramount to the life of not just your carpet- but your home. Regular carpet cleaning and application of topical treatments will help- but to completely solve the issue it may require more extensive work up to and including replacement of pad, resealing floor and carpet backing or even replacement of the carpet itself. We are also specialists in repairing damage due to digging into the flooring by your pets.


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