Pet Urine Damage

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Clean or Replace? That is the question!

Those of us in the textiles cleaning profession are faced with this difficult question from consumers on a regular basis. It is a question that cant be easily answered with certainty. When you see a spot on the carpets surface it is likely double the size in the padding  underneath the subfloor/concrete will most likely be affected as well. There are various levels of treatment that can be performed and each level becomes more costly and invasive.

When determining what level of service to purchase there are several factors to consider. Here are a few of the questions to consider when choosing:

What is the severity of the damage?

How much and how often has it happened?

What is the use of the property, rental or owner occupied?

Has the pet causing the issue stopped or been removed from the property?

What is the tolerance level of the occupant?

Here are a few basics when choosing the level of cleaning.

Option 1: Professionally steam clean carpets which will include a quality pre treatment and hot water extraction. This will usually satisfy the minor pet damage situation.

Option 2: Purchase an optional topical pet treatment product our technician will apply to the surface using a 70lb floor  machine to scrub deep into the carpet fibers and backing followed by the hot water extraction. This will usually satisfy a slightly elevated pet damage situation.

Option 3: Purchase a 2 step pet damage process which includes pulling the carpet up, replacing the affected padding and sealing the sub floor followed by hot water extraction of the back and top of the carpet. This begins to become marginally cost effective but can produce effective results of intermediate pet damage.

The honest answer for heavily urine damaged carpet is to inform the consumer the only 100% cure is replacement. This is when some of the questions mentioned above are important o consider when deciding the course of action. Your Raysco Inc. technician will provide their best advice upon FREE inspection and we always strive to satisfy you.

Thank you for considering Raysco Inc. where you get REAL CLEAN, REAL VALUE

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