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Hello from Raysco Inc. This week our blog will discuss why it is Important to clean and maintain your carpets. The obvious answer is hygiene. When we think of our carpets and the condition of them we want to think that our carpets are clean. Unfortunately, over time our carpets become dirty and soiled. Sometimes we have pets, or children spilling food, or even just every day foot traffic. Over time the dirt and bacteria build up. With regular cleaning, you avoid the buildup and increase the life expectancy of your carpet. Having the carpets regularly cleaned can also help with stubborn stains that you may have as well. With a professional cleaning you get that deep down clean that you are looking for. While vacuuming is a great thing, regular carpet cleaning is highly recommended. With regular carpet cleaning you also help to eliminate odors that may have become unnoticeable to us. Regular cleaning also helps reduce the mites and bacteria that develop, helping with those of us that have allergies. So now the question becomes, “How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?” The recommendation is that your carpets are professionally cleaned every six months. Having your carpets professionally cleaned takes the worry and the hassle out of protecting that investment from the inside. We at Raysco have always believed in the Real Clean Real Value philosophy. We offer free estimates onsite or over the phone. Our technicians are properly trained and have years of experience. Raysco has its “Make it right” guarantee. We want to ensure that every client is happy with the overall service that has been received. We have some exciting things on the horizon and you are now entering the Clean Zone. We look forward to being your carpet cleaning specialist today, tomorrow, and forever.

Tip: Blot Stains don’t rub them. Dab stains with a cleaning solution and clean cloth, paper towels, or a sponge. Blotting allows the stain to be soaked up where rubbing causes the stain to imbed further into your flooring.

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