Raysco Inc. has been a household name in the Las Vegas home care market for over 20 years. We are now proud to announce we are a full service Restoration & Mitigation, Water & Fire Damage Repair and Mold Remediation, Bio hazard Company. Whatever your damage- we get you back to good as new!


Water Damage Restoration

If not promptly and properly dealt with, water damage can cause major interruption to your life or business.  The result can be costly repairs and replacement as well as potential liability that just intensifies the longer the situation continues. Call us now to minimize long term effects or more extensive damage.

Storm Damage Restoration

With astonishing speed, nature can inflict severe damage to your property.  Often water and wind both take a toll. Call a trusted professional with the training and experience to restore your home or office, as well as your life, back to normal.

When There’s Mold…

Mold contamination continues to be a major news topic. Although really dangerous molds are not an everyday occurrence, any mold has the potential to cause health problems if a person is allergic to the particular strain, or ingests large quantities. Raysco’s experienced and certified staff bring unique expertise to mold remediation projects.

Fire Damage Restoration

It’s hard to imagine anything more traumatizing then a fire in your home. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and threaten your family’s sense of security.  An emergency response by Raysco’s knowledgeable and caring fire restoration personnel can be a great first step towards putting your life back together. Call us today to start putting your life, and home, back together.


After a loss occurs to an existing structure, selecting just “any contractor” can create more damage than it remedies.  Our offices and personnel are a part of our community that they serve and understand their community’s needs. As the clock ticks following a loss, every second can mean the difference between failure and success. Raysco’s experience and preparedness allows us to use that critical time wisely.


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