Twice A Year Program

We offer our Twice a Year program for our preferred residential clients, we remind you, via email 6 months, 9 month or 12 month for maximum care and you will receive our maintenance clean discount .


We have found a great way to keep your floors looking like new is to schedule repeat cleaning to save money and keep your surfaces looking immaculate. Just arrange a quote or clean and ask about booking regular whole home floor care.

For active family homes with pets and/or children we recommend a schedule of monthly to 3 month cleanings, while for lighter users 6 months may be enough to keep your carpets fresh and healthy and your other flooring like new. With regular maintenance it is possible to keep flooring looking as good as new for many, many years and save money in the long run. Cleaning carpets regularly will also keep the pile conditioned and avoid flat spots from forming.

This service is ideally started shortly after new flooring is installed, however a deep clean, followed by regularly scheduled maintenance is highly effective in keeping your home sparkling clean- another example of REAL CLEAN, REAL VALUE!


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