Expert Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Keeping your home clean and making sure that everyone at home is protected is very important. Dust and dirt are very serious problems that can pose serious health risks, not to mention that a dirty home is not a welcoming or pretty sight to see. It is also widely documented that a dirty and smelly house is going to make people feel depressed and they will lack motivation to get things done.

However, we do not always have the time to clean the way we would like, and most of us lack the knowledge, tools and time needed to get the job done well. As you look for assistance in Las Vegas for your furniture cleaning, our expert technicians will help you find the ideal solutions.

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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning Services

The process of cleaning furniture properly is often going to use a steam cleaning method. There are other methods, but using steam removes the largest number of bacteria while cleaning dirt and dust from the surface. Living in Las Vegas, the dirt and dust are worsened by the heat and wind. The dust and dirt get ground into the fibers of the upholstery, weakening them and making them more susceptible to tearing.

Rather than replacing expensive furniture, or investing in new upholstery, regular steam cleaning can extend the life of your favorite couch and reduce the risks of spreading germs. Restoring your furniture to its best condition is priceless and brings peace of mind.

Pet Stain Removal

Let's face it, keeping your pet off the furniture is next to impossible!  By scheduling professional furniture cleaning, you can add years to your dog's favorite recliner and maybe get a chance to take a seat yourself.

Using state-of-the-art cleaning systems that attack stains and odors through hot water extraction, grime and dirt are easily rinsed out of the fibers while pH balances are fully neutralized. Whether it is pet odors or stains, our technicians have the answers you need. 

Why hire Raysco, Inc.?

Professional furniture cleaning services are more than just a way to save you time and energy. With years of experience and knowledge concerning various upholstery materials, both natural and synthetic, we know just what it takes to treat specific stains and are armed with the right equipment for the job.

With a focus on safely, restoring your furniture to its pre-stained condition, our team of experts are highly skilled in gentle, yet effective techniques that have been perfected over our 20 years of service.

A Commitment to Service

For over two decades, Raysco, Inc. has proudly served the Las Vegas community's commercial and residential needs, and we value the opportunity to help our clients get the results they deserve. Our commitment to excellence means we treat each customer with a high level of integrity and consider every furniture cleaning job a priority.

Contact the Experts at Raysco

If it is time to take care of your furniture, contact Raysco, Inc. today to request a quote or to gather more information from one of our friendly team members. Do not take the risk of harming your furniture, let the pros take over and leave you with stunning results.

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