Granite Cleaning

Granite Cleaning

Granite cleaning can be difficult because each piece of granite is unique. Granite is extremely beautiful in its original form, but as time goes on, every type of granite can lose its beauty and deteriorate, no matter how expensive it is. Granite is often used as floors, countertops, in bathrooms, and it is becoming more common to see granite ceilings. Regular and proper care is necessary to maintain any piece of granite to keep it looking pristine.

As granite is formed from cooled volcanic magma, stains on a granite surface are usually very difficult to remove but not at all impossible for right professional. Besides regular cleaning, it is paramount that your granite surfaces are sealed properly to ensure that they last for many years. Raysco, Inc.'s highly trained technicians specialize in granite cleaning and restoring dirty, old and worn out granite surfaces to their original glory.

Granite Cleaning

Granite Polishing

Granite surfaces add an amazing feeling to any home, but like other natural stones, they need regular maintenance. Granite polishing accomplishes many things at one time. The polish helps draw out the natural beauty that drew you to the piece in the first place. Polishing aides in the removal of hard water and mineral deposits. It also protects and revitalizes the stone while increasing the reflectivity and the natural color of the granite. This is very important in minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and maintaining a sanitary surface. Granite polishing also brings out colors that you may have never seen before.

In fact, many times a professional granite polishing will make the countertop shine more than the day it was first installed. Granite polish is an intermediate protective shield. A sealant is the basic barrier that helps keep your granite looking clean and shiny. When you have granite installed, it will come with a layer of sealant already applied. That sealant will last a few months. However, to keep that protection into place, you need to apply a new layer of sealant at least once a year. Call Raysco, Inc. today to set up a regular maintenance program.

Granite Stains and Scratches

Maintaining the beauty of your granite is a tricky. Although granite is a very hard stone, it is susceptible to stains, scratches and chipping. At Raysco, Inc., we remove granite stains in totality. We put a solution on the stain and let it sit for 24-48 hours. When we remove the solution, the stain comes with it. This method is safe for your granite surfaces and will ensure their beauty for a long time with proper sealing and polishing. Scratches are a lot more tricky. Some granite, though it may look authentic, has been stained or painted. In these instances, we do not recommend stain or scratch removal. As such, Raysco, Inc. will come inspect your granite for free to ensure we provide you the best advice and service.

Granite Cleaning Cost

At Raysco, Inc., we will take excellent care of your granite. Because cleaning natural stone is difficult, it is hard to give generalized pricing because it depends on the stone, color, finish, wear and tear, and square footage. On average, you can expect to pay no more than $1.50* per square foot to clean and seal your granite. You should also consider polishing your granite for an additional $1.50* per square foot.

For more information, check out our Natural Stone Cleaning Page.

(*Prices subject to change. Discounts may be available with the purchase of other services.)

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