Grout Sealing Service in Las Vegas, NV

The grout locking your floor tiles into place and giving everything a finished look isn't usually at the front of your mind; the tiles are what catch people's eyes normally.


That changes when grout stains, cracks, and crumbles, detracting from the room's appearance and letting tiles fall loose. Ensure that your floor remains stable, appealing, and easy to clean with regular grout sealing services from Raysco Inc in Las Vegas, NV.


Why Grout Sealing is Important


Though tile floors are often easier to maintain than others, they do still need regular attention beyond mopping and sweeping. Much of this has to do with grout.


Commonly, grout consists of cement mixed with water, sand, and polymer additives that cures into a hardy, ceramic-like substance. Grout is often fairly porous, though, and vulnerable to liquids and soil seeping into it. This can not only stain and discolor grout but also damage it and foster the growth of mold.


However, sealing grout shortly after it cures and reapplying the sealer at least once a year can prevent staining and damage, as well as reducing the regular cleaning needed.

How Grout Sealing Works

Before resealing, the grout and surrounding tiles should undergo deep cleaning to remove any present dirt and grime, then permitted to dry again; this is provided as part of the grout sealing service. Following this, one of two types of sealer is applied:


  • Penetrating sealer, which uses a water base to carry latex and silicone particles into the grout; these particles fill in gaps and pores to prevent any other substances from penetrating. This is the ideal choice for normal areas of a home or business.
  • Solvent-based sealer, which creates a durable, waterproof barrier over the surface of the grout to block moisture. This works best on resisting water in showers and moist areas of concern; it can also color the grout, but this can be an upside if you're going for a particular look.

Cleaning and Reapplying Grout

Sometimes, grout is too far gone. Mold, bacteria, and mildew that are entrenched in grout long enough can be extremely difficult to remove with cleaning, and if the grout is already damaged, then cleaning is of little help. While regular sealing can prevent grout from reaching this stage, grout removal and re-application can also help renew tiling that has seen better days.


Have Your Grout Sealed By The Professionals at Raysco

If your tiled floors or walls need some service or you're looking for grout cleaning, sealing, and color sealing in Las Vegas, Raysco, Inc. is equipped and prepared for commercial and residential projects, whether you've got ceramic, porcelain, or wax-coated tiles. Call or contact us today and get a free consultation and quote.

Grout Sealing

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