Limestone Cleaning

How Do You Clean Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of crystal forms of calcium carbonate and has been used as flooring for hundreds of years. Unlike other natural stone materials, limestone demonstrates a certain solubility in water and weak acid solutions meaning that water and acidic fluids (think juice or coffee) can cause surface marking and in more severe cases, penetrate the surface, infiltrate cracks, and cause significant damage. Limestone has, despite these negative aspects, been a popular choice for floors for many years and despite its delicacy and porous nature – is deceptively tough and more hardwearing than many people would imagine. Although this natural stone is quite durable, it is also a material that can stain easily. This makes limestone cleaning particularly tricky.

The key to maintaining limestone's rugged and timeless aesthetically pleasing appearance is careful cleaning, maintenance and above all - protecting the surface. Get the best from your limestone tiles by calling Raysco, Inc., Our professional limestone cleaning and restoration specialists will ensure your floors are shiny and long-lasting.

Limestone Cleaning

How Do You Remove Stains From Limestone?

Limestone requires daily maintenance to help keep it clean and sparkling. Along with using a proper limestone cleaner, you also need daily maintain limestone from being scratched or stained. Removing stains from limestone is best done by hiring a professional limestone cleaner. Raysco, Inc. has state of the art equipment to deep clean your stone floors, our technicians are also gentle enough not to damage the stone or its natural color. Our professionals will clean your limestone floor, seal it against future stains, and polish it until it looks new again.

How Much Will Limestone Cleaning Cost?

At Raysco, Inc., we will take excellent care of your natural stone. Because cleaning natural stone is difficult, it is hard to give generalized pricing because it depends on the stone, color, finish, wear and tear, and square footage. On average, you can expect to pay no more than $1.50* per square foot to clean and seal your stone. You should also consider polishing your stone for an additional $1.50* per square foot.

For more information, check out our Natural Stone Cleaning Page.

(*Prices subject to change. Discounts may be available with the purchase of other services.)

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