Marble Cleaning

Marble Cleaning and Sealing

Marble makes a lot of things look great from floors, bath tiles or even walls. With marble, like any other stone surface, it needs to be cleaned and polished to maintain its good looks. Marble is also very delicate, requiring professionals to clean and polish it. Renting marble cleaning and polishing equipment to do the cleaning yourself can be very dangerous. It could lead to damaging your marble even more if proper care is not taken. Don't get frustrated if you cannot handle cleaning your marble alone. Our technicians at Raysco, Inc. are professionals who are familiar with how to clean marble without causing damage.
Marble Bar and Counter Top Cleaning
Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is done to renew marble surfaces. Wear and tear on marble surfaces makes it look dull or matte. Marble is extensively used for living areas like floors, table tops, kitchen counters, and showers, as well as public areas like entryways, hallways, and vestibules to name a few. This means the surfaces see a lot of human activity. Marble floors are liable to get marred by foot traffic, not to mention stains from spilled fluids. Kitchen counters will see a lot of spilled juice, sauces and oils. Of course, marble sealing keeps it resistant to stains, but this will still not stop it from becoming discolored if not properly cared for. Marble polishing is intended to reduce the scratches on marble surfaces by restoring the smoothness of the stone. At Raysco, Inc. We put great care to ensure your marble is clean, stays clean, and shines like new.

Marble Stain Removal

When using marble for countertops, flooring, bathrooms, etc. there is always the possibility that they could become stained. This is when you require the help of a professional marble stain removal company like Raysco, Inc. We handle any stain your marble can throw at us. We put a solution on the stain and let it sit for 24-48 hours. When we remove the solution, the stain comes with it. After removing the stain from your marble, we use a sealing product to protect it from any future harm.
Marble Stain Removal

Marble Cleaning Cost

At Raysco, Inc., we will take excellent care of your marble. Because cleaning natural stone is difficult, it is hard to give generalized pricing because it depends on the stone, color, finish, wear and tear, and square footage. On average, you can expect to pay no more than $1.50* per square foot to clean and seal your marble. You should also consider polishing your marble for an additional $1.50* per square foot.

For more information, check out our Natural Stone Cleaning Page.

(*Prices subject to change. Discounts may be available with the purchase of other services.)

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