Natural Stone Cleaning

One could argue that natural stones have been a premier choice in building material since the stone age. The reason homeowners and business managers are still in love with them today is the unique character they convey and the touch of the outdoors that they bring inside. In addition to their beauty, natural stones are also durable, more so than wooden structures.

Even so, natural stones are often porous, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. For this and other reasons, commercial kitchens in America are not allowed to use granite. Thanks to the availability of professional natural stone cleaning services, many homeowners and some other commercial entities are still able to use granite and other natural stones in their buildings.

Granite Cleaning

From homes to hotels, granite countertops are a luxury item loved by almost everyone. During kitchen remodels, many homeowners and business managers try to upgrade to granite. It’s tough, durable, beautiful, and boosts property value.

In fact, while offering tips on how to increase home value, HGTV recommended using granite for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. However, every so often granite needs a Las Vegas stone cleaning service to maintain its shine and keep it free of bacteria and other harmful organisms.

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Marble Cleaning

Marble Cleaning

Long before granite became so well-loved, it was marble that decorated the floors, bath tiles, and even walls of contemporary buildings and medieval castles and cathedrals. Marble’s beauty comes from its natural patterns. Also, the many colors in which it is available in makes it an excellent complement for almost any décor.

For centuries, builders have chosen marble for its resistance to shattering, its natural insulation properties, and the fact that it also increases property value. Nevertheless, marble is prone to being stained and scratched, making regular cleaning a necessity to maintain its original good looks.

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Travertine Cleaning Service

Travertine Cleaning

Travertine tiles are stylish, subdued, durable, and easy to repair. Homeowners and commercial property managers alike enjoy the earthy colors it often brings into a room, usually speckled off-white, beiges, and even grays. Because it is low-maintenance and durable, many homeowners even use travertine outdoors.

However, travertine does stain and discolor easily. Because of this, a professional Henderson stone cleaning service is imperative to maintaining its original color and natural beauty.

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Limestone Cleaning

The beautiful and muted tones of limestone coupled with its cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. Despite being porous, it is resistant to mold and bacteria.

Even so, limestone does tend to hold on to stains, especially red wine and coffee. When stains seep into limestone, without proper sealing, it could penetrate the surface and cause permanent damage. For these very reasons, cleaning limestone can be tricky and should only be attempted by a professional.

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Quartz Cleaning

Quartz is most commonly used in kitchens as countertop materials. Because quartz is engineered, it often offers more variety to suit the specific décor you have in mind for your kitchen or bathroom. It also carries the same natural beauty and shine as granite and marble. Quartz is a lot easier to maintain than granite and marble because it’s non-porous, preventing breeding grounds for mold and harmful bacteria.

However, like all other surfaces used to prepare raw meat and when it comes in contact with sharp knives and chopping blocks, quartz still needs to be cleaned and polished from time to time to keep it hygienic and beautiful.

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Quartz Cleaning

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