New Year Resolutions for Home Repairs

New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition to help us set goals and better ourselves. This year, why not tackle any household chores or repairs that have piled up?

As a homeowner, you understand that maintaining a house is a lot of work, but worth the effort. Setting actionable goals can help you conquer this large task step-by-step and ultimately help you keep your house in top shape.

1. Carpet Cleaning

Over time, carpet can accumulate dust, mites, and pet dander. While vacuuming can help, only a deep clean can get rid of these elements completely. Professional equipment uses steam to break down dirt before pulling it out of carpet fibers, leaving your floor fresh-smelling and vibrant. This January, why not try searching for “carpet cleaners near me?”

2. Furniture Cleaning

Your carpet isn’t the only thing that gets dirty. Upholstered furniture can accumulate all sorts of dirt and bacteria. Experts can use steam to deeply cleanse fibers without damaging the upholstery. Getting your couch professionally cleaned can extend its life and keep family, guests, and pets healthy.

3. Stain Removal

If you have kids or pets, you probably have a few stains. Even if you clean accidents and spills immediately, some residue can stay on carpet or furniture, creating discoloration and sometimes leaving an odor. Messes are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the consequences. Professional removal can eliminate even the toughest stains:

  • Pet urine
  • Blood
  • Wine
  • Smoke
  • Food
  • Grease
  • Oil

4. Dryer Vent Cleaning

One area of the house that’s often forgotten is the dryer vent. It’s understandable since this isn’t something you look at every day, but neglecting this system can be dangerous. Dryer vents account for a large portion of house fires since the hot air can ignite lint trapped inside. The new year is a great reminder to have this vent cleared out.

5. High Dusting

Vaulted ceilings are a great way to make a home feel spacious and open, but they can present a cleaning problem, especially if you have chandeliers or other high fixtures. Trying to dust these areas yourself can be exhausting and even dangerous if you’re not familiar with ladder safety. Instead of putting yourself at risk, opt for a professional crew who can get your ceiling fixtures spotless in no time.

6. Pressure Washing

Outside areas can accumulate dirt over time, giving your house a dingy appearance to passersby. Scrubbing your home’s exterior is a big job, and most people don’t have the time or equipment to do it themselves. Cleaning professionals can cut this task down to size with pressure washing, which uses high-pressure hoses to tackle a variety of areas:

  • Chimney
  • Gutter
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Downspout
  • Sidewalk or walkway

7. Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone is a beautiful option for floors or countertops, but it requires care to keep it functional and safe. Granite, for example, has many small crevices that can house bacteria, which may make people sick if food gets contaminated. Professional cleaning can rid your natural stone of these threats while preserving the gorgeous look.

8. Grout Sealing

In addition to getting your tile sparkling clean, why not seal your grout to make future washing easier? Dirt can accumulate in the cracks between floor tiles, creating a dark, dirty look over time. Sealing can keep dust and grime away from grout, making it easy to mop away.

Start the New Year Off to a Great Beginning

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