Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone odor removal not only make a room smell better, it cleans surfaces, removing bacteria and even viruses. The air around your home is very important because you take it in with every breath. Maintaining a clean environment is not just about removing a coffee stain or cleaning a table full of dust. Things like tobacco smoke, pets, mold, and even food can cause unwelcome odors. When the air has been contaminated, it can lead to discomfort or even health issues. There are so many approaches that people use to try and get rid of the odors, but most only cover up the smells instead of removing them completely.
Ozone Odor Removal

How does ozone odor removal work?

Ozone odor removal takes oxygen atoms that naturally exist in pairs (hence O2) and forces a third oxygen atom to join in to become O3 most commonly known as ozone. Our machines work very similar to the natural process of creating ozone. In the stratosphere (the upper Earth atmosphere), ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits oxygen molecules splitting them into two separate oxygen atoms (2 O) which immediately bond with nearby oxygen molecules to become O3. In the stratosphere, though, as soon as another O3 molecule or a lonely oxygen atom pass buy the extra oxygen atoms form a new oxygen molecule (O2). In the stratosphere, this is happening thousands of times every moment. At Raysco, Inc. we use machines that create an arc of electricity to split the oxygen molecules instead of ultraviolet radiation. The effect is very similar in that it creates free floating oxygen atoms that attached themselves to other molecules in the room, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, and anything else molecularly week enough for an oxygen atom to attach itself. A similar process happens during a thunderstorm. Lightening separates the oxygen molecules, just like our machines at Raysco, Inc. and cleans the air. That's why ozone odor removal leaves a room smelling fresh, like spring rain. The benefit to you is that ozone odor removal, doesn't just cover up odors or even remove odors. It is technically destroying odors by changing their molecular composition.

Safety Warnings

Plants, animals, humans are extremely susceptible to ozone odor removal. As the equipment is working, it sucks all the oxygen out of the room, using it to create the ozone molecules that clean the air. Because plants, animals, and humans need air to survive, we recommend not entering the area for 24 hours after ozone odor removal has taken place. Do not enter an area during ozone odor removal as it can cause damage to your lungs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that even low levels of ozone inhalation can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. 

Why is ozone odor removal the best?

Unpleasant odors are difficult to treat but one of the reasons you can choose ozone odor removal is its effectiveness and tenacity in removing odors without any masking agents (think air fresheners). There are several technologies of air disinfection, but ozone treatment tends to stand out from the rest. This is largely because it is an effective method in dealing with all sorts of odors in any given area. When dealing with odors, Raysco, Inc. offers you the same clean air as that generated by nature. The equipment mimics the natural process of oxygen conversion into ozone. Considering that ozone is a highly effective sterilizer it inactivates any organic contaminant it encounters.

The elimination of the smoke odor removal, pet odor removal, tobacco smell removal, are the specialty of the ozone odor removal tool. Though these odors are extremely difficult to eliminate entirely if an area has prolonged exposure. It is impossible that at least once a day you, your family or your co-workers are exposed to bad smells. So, there are only two options, continue to support and ignore the situation as before or attack the root problem with ozone odor removal.

Odor Removal Cost

The cost of odor removal is usually priced at an hourly rate and is determined by how long our experts believe it will take to remove the odor. There are no guarantees that ozone will be able to remove every odor by 100%, but it can certainly help make a difference. Areas exposed to ongoing tobacco and marijuana smoke present the greatest difficulties. Clients looking to eliminate those odors should expect a longer treatment period.

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