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Quartz creates a clean atmosphere, giving out new and artistic tiles with a lot of characters. It is not affected by acidic materials. Although quartz is durable, it's not invincible and a little bit of maintenance will help your quartz surfaces look their best for years to come. Quartz cleaning should be done regularly to maintain its shine and beauty.

Quartz cleaning can be quite unpredictable. Quartz is a highly durable stone consisting of a high composition of limestone, sandstone and other minerals. Quartz tiles are available in various colors shapes and texture. They work well in many indoor and outdoor applications including foyers, kitchens and bathrooms. Many commercial buildings are easily attracted by its natural shine and stylish look. Their manufacturing process makes sure that they can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Quartz cannot absorb water and does not let any bacteria and fungus grow. This can make stains very easy to clean or very difficult, depending on the stain. It is advisable to employ the services of a professional quartz cleaning company such as Raysco to clean, seal, and polish your quartz, as quartz needs regular sealing at least once in a couple of years. (every few years)

Quartz Cleaning

Quartz Stain Removal

A stain is a long-term discoloration, which is easily noticeable on stone surfaces. The causes of stains can either be a physical or chemical reaction of two distinct chemicals. When you first consider the question quartz stain removal, quartz is a man-made material and is designed to be one of the toughest and most durable materials for consumer use. Made from natural crushed stone and roughly 6% bonding agent, quartz is often every bit as hard wearing as Granite, it is resistant to heat, scratching, mildew and water. But believe it or not, you need to take care of your Quartz surfaces. Due to wear, quartz surfaces can lose their seal and polish over time and begin to look matte or dull. Once this happens, the stone is exposed to the elements. Fluids like tea and coffee can then easily affect the color of your stone.

While Quartz is basically stain resistant, it is not impossible to quartz stain. This is when the services of a professional quartz stain removal company are required. Quartz surfaces are coated with a protective sealant, to keep the protective sealant intact, it is important to avoid the use of commercial cleaning agents that are acidic, abrasive or alkaline. It is worth remembering that while your quartz work surface is stain resistant; do not assume it is entirely stain proof. Over time as the protective sealant becomes less effective, your worktop may become more susceptible to 'low level' staining, and this can be difficult to repair. When this happens, Raysco, Inc., your professional quartz stain removal company.

Quarts Cleaning Cost

At Raysco, Inc., we will take excellent care of your natural stone. Because cleaning quartz is difficult, it is hard to give generalized pricing because it depends on the stone, color, finish, wear and tear, and square footage. On average, you can expect to pay no more than $3.00* per square foot to clean and seal your quartz. You should also consider polishing your quartz for an additional $3.00* per square foot.

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(*Prices subject to change. Discounts may be available with the purchase of other services.)

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